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Zorbing Ireland - An adrenaline fix from New Zealand!

Zorbing also known as orbing or sphereing is the technique used to describe hurtling down a hill in a human size hamster sphere called a zorb.

Zorbing in Ireland has become very popular and is classed as one of the wildest xtreme sports.

The Zorb balls are constructed with 2 layers. The space between the outer and inner ball is pumped with air which acts as a shock absorber as you tumble topsy-turvy down the slope.

Harnessed Zorbing involves 1 or 2 people getting strapped into the sphere before being launched head over heels down the Zorb run.

Water Zorbing or Hydro Zorbing if you prefer the washing machine effect. Add some water and up to 3 bodies, then roll!

Aqua Sphereing involves climbing inside a specially designed zorb ball which allows you to walk, run, flip or do whatever you wish over water without getting wet.

Zorbing Ireland

Water Zorbing

Zorbing Ireland

Experience fun fueled antics and g-forces as you reach speeds up to 25 mph in this hilarious and thrilling rolling experience.

Within minutes you will go from fear to laughter to eurphoria.

Zorbing is an unforgettable experience and delivers the perfect activity for both individuals and group outings!

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