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Zip Lining - A free falling experience!

Zip Lining

Would you revel in a hair-raising, high-wire ride that's guaranteed to get your pulse racing?

This adrenaline packed encounter only requires brief instruction and delivers the perfect ending to a multi-packed day of adventure.

Zip Lining is the activity of getting strapped into a harness which is suspended from an above cable and free moving pulley.

You must then muster up all your courage to step off that ledge and let gravity rapidly propel you to the dropzone.

Lie back and put your feet up for maximum speed as you soar through the canopy before coming to a soft landing.

The exhilarating rush of ziplining will leave you longing to get back up there for another run.

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For those of you who worship that free falling sensation, a Zip Line Ireland experience is a must-do on the bucket list.

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Get a fix zipping through the skies!

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