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Sailing Ireland – Take on the Ocean!

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From relaxing and glamorous days out to adrenaline pumping competitive action, sailing in Ireland has something for everyone.

Sailing also known as yachting is the activity of guiding a sailboat by shifting the rudder and centre board to force the wind onto the sails in order the generate speed and change direction.

With support from the elements, sailing is all about adventure, teamwork and having buckets of fun!

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced sailor looking to fine tune your skills, there's a huge selection of yachting courses to choose from.

A taster course will deliver the perfect introduction where you will learn the principles of sailing and the safety aspects. Enjoy a hands-on experience which will have you pulling ropes and grinding winches to work the sails.

For those of you who wish to progress, ISA and RYA courses follow a structured syllabus where you can take on addition courses such as Competent Crew, Day Skipper or Yachtmaster.

Sailing Ireland
Yachting Courses

If you’re not quite ready to participate in a course, why not get the family together for an exhilarating day out where you can sit back and discover what cruising is all about!

Sailing also delivers terrific results for corporate outing’s where the team must work together to get the boat sailing and also has the facilities to kick back and relax afterwards.

Experience the ultimate sense of freedom with a yachting adventure!

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