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Xtreme Sports

With thrill seekers and adventurers constantly seeking new challenges the xtreme sports market in Ireland is continually evolving with electrifying xtreme sports and inspiring outdoor adventures.

We're delighted to have teamed up with Ireland’s elite adventure companies to bring you a vast selection of fun-fuelled pursuits where you can relish in cruise mode or get your pulse racing with extreme sports that will test your talent and nerve to the max!

Through partnering with only the very best, we guarantee you first-class gift experiences throughout Ireland, secure bookings & payments and all at the lowest prices.

Extreme Buggy Racing
Abseiling in the Wicklow Mountains

Outdoor activities in Ireland have something to cater for all ages and abilities and will enrich your life in so many ways!

You will get to experience Ireland's stunning landscapes with a revitalising challenge that will leave you longing to get back out there.

Dramatically enhance your physical fitness whilst releasing the weekly stresses in the great outdoors.

Please note that xtreme sports have potential to be dangerous activities if you have not gained the essential training from instructors who are both qualified and highly experienced. The cost of educating yourself in an xtreme sport is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the countless hours of pleasure it will provide in the future.

Once you’ve mastered the crucial skills, enjoy a lifetime of adrenaline pumping bliss!

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