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Windsurfing Ireland - Harness our invigorating sea breezes!

Windsurfing Ireland

Do you have the ability and urge to master this high performance sailing sport?

Windsurfing in Ireland is a delightful combination of both sailing and surfing which requires powering your board utilizing the wind and a sail.

Experience the charm and rewarding nature of this exhilarating extreme sport.

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Windsurfing Lessons are structured to rapidly advance your skills and get you plaining across the water in no time.

Irish surfing and windsurfing instructors use wider and shorter boards when teaching the basics in getting upright, balancing your body, turning and how to best use the wind in your sail.

Advanced windsurfing courses are available for adrenaline seekers who can expect to hit speeds up to 35mph on blustery days or master using the waves to lift your board for some free style manoeuvres.

Windsurfing Lessons
Windsurf Ireland

Windsurf Ireland

Ireland’s 1500km coastline combined with the gusty Atlantic winds and long beaches is a windsurfer’s dream come true.

Enjoy a peaceful cruise along the beach or get some air and perfect the airborne turns, loops, sail spins, rail rides and so much more.

It’s exciting, challenging and fantastic for your all round fitness!

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