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Water Skiing Ireland - High powered watersports action!

Water Skiing Ireland

Waterskiing is the thrilling activity of standing upright on ski's and skimming across surface water being towed by a high powered speedboat.

Experience an electrifying outing as well as an intense workout improving your flexibility, strength, stamina and coordination.

Just watching the elites perform is enough to get your pulse racing. Looking for an alternative surface skimming challenge, check out wakeboarding in Ireland.

Water Skiing Lessons begin with dry dock training where you will learn the key skills to get up on your feet and skiing.

Extra wide ski's are used to grow your confidence and teach you how to balance your body whilst being pulled at speed.

Once you’ve got the hang of raising your body out of the water it’s time to start using the boats wake for making jumps and mastering the many tricks.

There are several disciplines where you can choose from slalom, tricks, jump and barefoot.

Water Skiing Lessons

Adrenaline addicts can expect to reach speeds up to 40mph using your feet as ski's.

You’ll be astonished how fast you pick up the techniques and longing to get back out there.

Have you got the drive to take on an exhilarating water skiing in Ireland challenge?

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