Gift Voucher FAQ's

Gift Vouchers - FAQ's

How do I Redeem My Voucher?

  • To redeem a best seller voucher which is a voucher for a specific experience, enter your details @

  • To redeem an open voucher which is a monetary voucher, browse the different categories @ After you have chosen your experience, click the blue “Redeem Voucher” button which is located on the top right-hand corner of each experience and then enter your details.

  • After you have redeemed your voucher online, you will then be contacted by the activity provider to confirm your booking.

Is Extreme Sports an Irish Company?

  • Yes. We are 100% Irish and only cater for Irish Experiences. Always know who are purchasing a voucher from and we recommend checking their reviews on social media and various platforms to ensure the voucher beneficiary will receive good customer service.

Can I Purchase a Voucher over the Phone?

  • Yes. Simply give us a call or contact-us and we can call you at a time that suits.

I’m not Sure Which Experience to Choose?

  • If you’re not sure which gift to choose, you can also opt for an open/monetary voucher and leave it up to the gift recipient to decide for themselves. They can add money if the experience costs more and retain the different in price within the voucher if the experience costs less.

Are Postal Certificates Discrete?

  • Yes. Postal Certificates will arrive in a plain envelope so not to ruin the suprize.

How Long Does it take to Receive a Postal Certificate?

  • Postal certificate are sent on the day of purchase and delivery will take between 1-2 days to arrive at your address… Please note that we do not post to addresses outside the Republic of Ireland.

Are my Card Details Secure?

  • Yes. The Extreme Sports website is 100% secure. Your card number is encrypted during the transaction and we do not save card details.

How Long are Vouchers Valid for?

  • Vouchers are valid for 60 months (5 Years) from the date of purchase. If your voucher is for a specific experience which has increased in price after 12 months from the date of purchase, your voucher will revert to an open/monetary voucher of equal value.

Do I need to Choose a Date when Purchasing?

  • No. This is up to the voucher recipient who can choose a date that suits themselves. The How to Redeem section is a big orange box printed on all of our gift experiences and takes less than 30 seconds.

Can I Exchange my Voucher?

  • Yes. If you would like to exchange your experience, we can swap it for and open/monetary voucher of equal value. Simply contact us @
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