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Tank Driving Ireland – A Powerful Military experience!

Satisfy your lust for power and step into a fully operation tank for you very own tank driving experience!

This phenomenal piece of engineering is guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping as you get to grips with your tank driving adventure.

You must take control of a machine that transformed the face of war and let loose on a purpose built assault course.

Tank driving days kick off with a safety briefing where your instructor will show you how to handle this metal beast with confidence.

Once you have mastered the two leaver control system, set off for the obstacle course where you must negotiate testing terrains.

These virtually indestructible machines were built for mayhem and will have you tracking through ditches, climbing steep ascents and crushing anything that gets in your way.

Tank Driving Lessons
Tank Driving

Now it’s time to see how the troops operated the tank in war times as you batten down the hatches and try manoeuvring the tank using only the periscopes.

The crew can lock onto targets whilst you put your new found trundling skills to the test.

Get a real taste of military action with a tank driving in Ireland experience!

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