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Irish Surfing - Harness the ocean's natural forces!

Irish Surfing

Whether you’re a dedicated wave rider or just fancy a splash in the surf it’s every bit as much fun as it looks and much more.

Irish Surfing involves co-ordinating your body on a surfboard with the aim of gathering speed and performing tricks on the waves crest.

Develop the interaction between your body and mind to ride the waves at speed.

Surf schools across Ireland offer surfing lessons for all ages and abilities and give a thrilling insight into surfing the oceans mighty waves.

Surf schools offer a fun way to experience one of the most addictive sports in the world and a great way to refresh your mind as well as giving the body a thorough workout.

Grab your first wave and feel the undeniable urge to get back up for longer, faster and bigger waves. Looking for a charming alternative, check out stand up paddle boarding in Ireland.

Surfing Lessons Ireland

Bundoran surfing is recognized as one of the top surfing locations throughout the world with thousands of surfers heading northwest every year to take on our colossal world class waves.

There have being both European and World championships held in these high profile waters.

This legendary surfer’s paradise has steep, full-on wave sets that guarantee to get you fully amped for the longest ride of your life!

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