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Snowboarding Ireland - Fearsome aerial tricks and high speed descents!

Snowboarding Ireland

Traditionally snowboarding is the activity of descending down a mountain slope using a board attached to specially designed boots.

Snowboarding became an Olympic sport in 1994 and is now the world’s fastest growing winter sport.

Take on snowboarding lessons in Ireland to build you’re confidence and ability for when you hit the slopes. From beginner lessons to advanced free styling, you’re guaranteed a thrilling experience.

Snowboarding Ireland

Enhance your body’s balance, co-ordination, flexibility and learn how deal with rapid changes in direction.

Snowboarding and skiing in Ireland advances your mental focus as well as providing an excellent workout which will put nearly every muscle in you body to the test.

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All mountain snow boarding – This is the 1st step in snowboarding and involves riding down a manmade slope.

Jibbing – Similar to grinding a skateboard, jibbing refers to riding the board on surfaces such as ledges or rocks.

Free styling – Show off your technique with a combination of free riding and jibbing. Like skateboarding there is a huge variety of tricks to master. From straight air maneuvers, flips, spins, slides and stalls to name just a few.

Grab a board and revel in this ground gripping experience!

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