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Snorkelling – Observe Ireland’s underwater ecosystems!

Snorkelling Ireland

If you have never experienced snorkelling before, now is the time!

Being one of easiest adventure sports to participate in and open to all ages and abilities, you will be kitted out with a diving mask, fins, snorkel and sometimes a wetsuit depending on the temperature.

There is no complicated equipment so you’re free to swim and observe the many underwater attractions with relatively little effort and no time restrictions.

Some of the most spectacular sights on earth are under the sea and exploring an underwater environment will open your eyes to the thousands of different species interacting in their natural environment.

If you’re not buoyant in the water yet, snorkelling courses in Ireland offer the ideal introduction where you will learn the basics of snorkelling and finning techniques.

By the end of the course, you should be confident enough to swim without an instructor and may wish to take the next step in underwater sports with a scuba diving course.

Free Diving

For those who wish to take snorkelling to the extreme, free diving delivers a challenging endeavour where you must take a deep breath, dive deep and explore before resurfacing for air. Please note that this is a specialist activity and should not be undertaken without the essential training.

As well as enriching your life with a highly rewarding experience, snorkelling provides a relaxing workout that you will certainly look forward to.

Grab your goggles and go explore!

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