Skiing Ireland, Ski Lessons, Dry Ski Slopes Ireland

Skiing Ireland - Test your skills on Irish slopes!

Skiing Ireland

Looking for a ski challenge? No need to wait for the Winter holiday abroad.

Ireland is home to professional dry ski slopes and an indoor facility that offer an alluring alternative to the real thing.

Traditionally skiers use a combination of skis, boots and poles to travel over snowy terrain.

Skiing Ireland

Practice your techniques, speed, balance and manage how to deal with passing skiers on a dry slope which offers almost identical features to real snow.

Skiing is a physically demanding sport and delivers an excellent full body work out as well as an intense cardio session.

For those of you looking to advance your ski skills, why not take on a freestyling challenge?

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Ski Lessons

Qualified instructors offer a variety of skiing lessons to suit all abilities.

Facilities cater for beginners preparing for their first skiing holiday to experts looking to fine tune their technique.

You’ll be soaring down the slopes in no time!

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