Segway Polo Experiences in Ireland

Segway Events in Ireland

If you have never tried a Segway, then get ready for a totally unique experience. Take part in Segway Polo in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland to find out what these futuristic gliders are capable of.

Your Segway Experience will begin with a relaxed meet and greet where you will receive a full introduction to these machines with their cutting edge technology. You will then take part in some segway riding practice which involves two handed training followed by some nerf-gun jousting to boost your skill levels in one handed intermediate training whilst having lots of fun.

The true zero turning radius and small footprint of these machines make them incredibly intuitive, so in no time at all you’ll be whizzing about the place like a seasoned pro.

Segway Polo

Now is your chance to put these seemingly magic machines to the test as you take part in a game of Segway Polo. Split up into two teams using the polo sticks to try and knock the ball into the opposition’s goal. Imagine flying around waving a polo stick in the air while you expertly control a segway – brilliant! The spoils are for the victors and the losers whilst having to bow their heads in shame may also having to take part in a forfeit, varying from a good soaking from water pistols to some other pre-arranged challenges.

All of the equipment is provided with snacks and soft drinks on site to keep your energy levels up. This has to be one of the best feel good experiences available and any time spent travelling on a Segway with its natural ability to know where you want to go will leave you beaming from ear to ear!

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