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Sea Stack Climbing Ireland – A Unique & Highly Rewarding Adventure!

Iain Miller making his way across open water

Have you got the ability and desire to take on a sea stack climbing challenge?

Sea stack climbing in Ireland has opened up a totally new quest where adventurers seek out virtually unclimbed rock formations and ascend to the peak using specialised techniques.

Please note that this activity has many hazards and is not to be undertaken without completing the relevant course which is taught by qualified and highly experienced instructors.

For those of you who are not quite ready to take on this demanding challenge, a rock climbing course offers the perfect introduction to sea stack climbing.

After accomplishing the relevant safety requirements, your adventure will begin with a hike to some of the most remote and stunning locations Ireland has to offer.

Kitted out in safety gear, choose from one of many sea stacks, jump aboard the punt and make your way across open water to the base of the stack.

Now the exhilarating climb begins as you put your new found skills to the test and start to ascend this towering monster of rock.

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Unique Ascent Sea Stack Climbing

As you reach the summit, reap the reward of this breathtaking experience as you stand over 100 meters plus above the sea.

The awe-inspiring views of the mighty ocean stretching far beyond and the sound of waves crashing into the rocky shores will be hard to leave behind as you abseil to the stacks base.

For your next escapade, enjoy the thrill of a truly extreme experience!

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