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Sea Safaris - Enchanting Coastal Tours!

Dublin Sea Safari

Experience the outstanding beauty of the Irish coast and take on a sea safari rich in history, culture and an abundance of wildlife.

Jump aboard a rib or charter boat and let specialist guides share the many hidden secrets only a few miles off shore.

Coastal sightseeing tours throughout Ireland will open your eyes to our truly prolific waters, from playful otters in the estuaries to local colonies of grey and harbour seals in their natural environment.

Wildlife enthusiasts are sure to be in their element with our unspoilt shores and superb all year round marine residents.

In 1991 Ireland led the way in Europe by declaring our waters a dolphin and whale sanctuary.

So far there has being a remarkable 24 species of mammals recorded to date.

Whale Watching Ireland
Dolphin Watching Ireland

Whale watching is certainly a must-do on the bucket list. From humpback whales in the late autumn months to killer whales on Donegal’s stunning coastline, we are fortunate to be on the migratory routes for many different species.

Keep an eye out for short beaked dolphins riding the bow wave or a friendly bottlenose dolphin showing off their acrobatic skills.

Encounter Ireland’s sea life up close and personal with a magical eco-tour!

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