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Scuba Diving Ireland - Explore a new environment!

Scuba Diving Ireland The ocean is crammed with sea life, spectacular flora and mind blowing sights that will leave you motivated to go again and again.

Divers carry their own source of compressed air which allows them to stay submerged for significant periods depending on the depth and workload.

The calming qualities when scuba diving in Ireland as you observe and interact with an underwater ecosystem will leave you astounded and totally revitalized.

Experience a weightless environment and enjoy free movement of your body with no limitations. Swimming at depth strapped to scuba gear delivers a great workout that seems almost effortless.

PADI Ireland: (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

World recognized and highly respected scuba diving courses will educate you in the fundamentals of open water diving, safety aspects and the required techniques to get you confident whilst swimming at depths.

It combines classroom theory sessions, swimming pool dives and open water dives at sea.

Once complete, receive your lifelong ticket to a new world which enables you to dive up to 18 meters without an instructor.

Scuba Diving Courses
Scuba Diving Taster Session

Scuba diving is catered for all over the world and once certified, enjoy exploring shipwrecks, tropical waters, caves, reefs, sea creatures…… The list truly is endless.

PADI discover scuba diving is the introduction to scuba diving and for those of you who want to progress there are additional courses where you can take on new journeys and push yourself to deeper depts.

Definitely one not to be missed!

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