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Rope Courses - Supreme teamwork challenges!

High Ropes Course

Test your nerve, balance, leadership and motivating skills by taking part in a variety of rope based encounters.

In order to successfully complete rope courses throughout Ireland, people must join forces to overcome both physical and mental tasks.

Low Ropes

Just a few feet from the ground, your team will devise a plan of action and work together to get all members through the obstacles in the best possible time.

Throughout the high ropes course, team members will be faced with physical and sometimes emotional challenges.

Swinging high in the skies, it's your goal to push yourself, motivate others and drive your team to victory.

The perceived risk is high but the actual risk is low with participants safely secured to a harness at all times.

Leap of Faith
Jacobs Ladder

Similar to an assault course, people appreciate the interaction in a very different and more powerful way to the workplace. Gaining trust and respect are key elements.

There is a huge selection of challenges such as Jacobs Ladder, Crate Stack, High All Aboard and The Leap of Faith to name just a few.

Enjoy a giant playground for adults to climb, swing, jump and interact!

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