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Rock Climbing Ireland - A vigorous full body workout!

Rock Climbing

Experience the incomparable sensation of clinging to a rock face and executing precise hand eye co-ordination whilst balancing your body weight.

Rock climbing is an extreme sport where participants climb up rock formations using their body and specialized equipment.

As well as the intense workout, you will experience nature in one of it's purist forms creating a fantastic sense of achievement and well-being.

Rock Climbing in Ireland is both physically and mentally demanding requiring strength, agility, endurance, balance and focus.

Deep concentration on your next move is required before you deftly swing up and lock into grip.

Indoor rock climbing has become extremely popular in recent years and a great way to start out before progressing to the next level.

Rock Climbing Ireland

Rock Climbing Courses

Rock Climbing Courses

For those of you new to rock climbing, it’s essential you learn the climbing techniques and how to correctly use the safety equipment before going solo. Qualified climbing instructors have challenges to suit all abilities with many courses combined with abseiling in Ireland.

The yearning to climb is natural for most adventurers and moving up an almost vertical structure with body and mind working in synchronization is an absolute thrill.

Push your body to highs you never thought were possible!

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