Sea Stack Climbing Donegal | Hiking in Donegal - Abseiling Donegal

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If you yearn to take on exceptional outdoor activities, adventure holidays or mountain training with a difference, look no further!

Experience a full range of courses and guided packages including hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, abseiling and sea stack climbing along the stunning coast and mountain ranges of Donegal.

We provide tailor made instructional/guided packages, group taster sessions and instructional courses leading to formally recognised mountaineering & rock climbing leadership awards.

Catering for clients of all levels from those with very limited experience to those seeking a more challenging and thrilling encounter such as an ascent of a 400ft sea stack in the most remote locations in Ireland, we have something for everyone.

You can test yourself on various sea stacks to suit your ability. There is Lurking Fear stack which isn't as fearsome as it's name suggests. Cobbler's Tower which can be accessed from the mainland and is easily climbed with the correct instruction while you will have to use a small boat to give yourself a chance to climb the challenging Cnoc na Mara.

Combined with our unique holistic teaching practise and the outstandingly beautiful locations we welcome you to take an outdoor experience like no other!

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