Rock Climbing in Ireland

Rock Climbing in Ireland

Both a mental and physical pursuit, Rock Climbing in Ireland is a testing sport which should always be undertaken with a trained professional. Open to people of all abilities, the correct training will allow you reach heights you never thought possible were possible.

Indoor rock climbing offers a great taster experience and is perfect for those who would like to try it out before taking on the next stages. Abseiling and Rock Climbing days offer superb team building days in Ireland where the team must work together to overcome the challenge.

Rock Climbing in Ireland

Rock climbers get a rush from scaling rocks, peaks and stacks where the present moment is fully felt and one is working with all faculties in unison to take on challenging climbs.

Balance, intense focus, skill, strength and hand to eye coordination will all be pushed to the limit on a rock climbing session. Correct use of body weight is essential in order to swing or hoist oneself over or up to a desired point and the ability to read the rock itself is important as well as proper hand and foot placement amongst other skills which will be learned. Proper technique and correct use of equipment is a prerequisite to engage in this sport.

You can start small with a 3 metre climb and you will be protected with safety ropes at all times. Beginner courses are available nationwide with many progressing all the way to a sea stack climbing challenge.

Rock climbing gives a fantastic upper body workout and will get you in serious shape if practised regularly. The feeling of accomplishment on reaching the top of a crag or climbing wall is what hooks climbers and a huge adrenaline rush is guaranteed!

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