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River Kayaking - Compete with Mother Nature!

River Kayaking

Could there be a more idyllic way to embrace a new environment than battling your way across its turbulent currents?

River kayaks are traditionally enclosed vessels with the cockpit covered by a spraydeck. Kayakers use double-bladed paddles to guide the Kayak through flowing waters.

Whether its river or Sea Kayaking in Ireland you will be inspired to get out there again and again.

River Kayaking has something to offer for everyone. Explore peaceful waterways up close and personal, take on powerful systems or challenge yourself to free styling.

For those of you who prefer the exploration side of kayaking, Ireland has hundreds of river and lake systems providing spectacular scenery and wildlife.

There are a number of ICU (Irish Canoe Union) kayaking levels where you will learn the essential techniques to take on some of the more demanding river systems.

Kayaking Ireland

Kayaking Courses

Take on a course that best suits your ability. Rivers are graded based on their obstacles, drops, creeks, eddy’s and rapids.

Start off on a grade 1 and for those of you looking for adrenaline pumping action; progress to a thrilling and demanding grade 6.

Bring on the raging rapids for your next white water adventure!

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