Rally Driving in Ireland

Rally Driving in Ireland

Have you ever wanted to have a go at Rally Driving in Ireland? Now you can at Rally Connection which is a purpose built rallying school on the Cork/Waterford border. Learn how to control one of the fully kitted out race spec motors as you throw the car around hairpins and chicanes trying to get the best lap time possible.

Take on a selection of legendary rally cars including Subaru’s, Ford Escorts, and GT Starlets. All the Instructors are professional rally drivers and will ensure that your experience is thoroughly enjoyable whilst your safety is of the utmost importance. You will be given a full safety brief and provided with all the necessary safety equipment on the day.

There are several levels of experiences available starting out with Intermediate and going right up to advanced plus. The mixed surface circuit has been carefully designed to contain loops, crests and jumps to make sure that every driver will enjoy an highly exhilarating driving experience.

Rally Driving Ireland

Nothing beats getting into the big bucket seats, putting your helmet on and cranking up the super charged turbo engine. You will be accompanied by one of the instructors as co-pilot who will instruct you in classic rally style – “Left 40 tightens... Right 20… Opens Over Crest…” You will have to use all of your instinct’s to successfully negotiate the circuit using hand-brake turns and power slides to try to gain an advantage as you push for the best lap time.

Hopefully you will be good enough to get your name on the all-time leader board for fastest lap times, but if you don’t you will still walk away with a certificate for rally driving signed by your Instructor. This is one of the best adrenaline fuelled activities that you can partake in and it is all completed in a controlled environment so you site back and enjoy your rallying encounter.

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