Rafting in Ireland Article

Rafting in Ireland

Experience Rafting in Ireland as part of a group or you can team up with other individuals and take on a rapid adventure at several locations around the Country. There are many inland waterways to choose from including River Rafting on Boyne, Liffey, Inny and Edergole Creek on the river Boyle.

White water rafting in Ireland is a thrilling escapade downstream where you will have to work as a team to move the raft through the many different sections of the river. All Rafting experiences are carefully planned and manged by fully trained guides who will be on board with you to make sure that the adventure is enjoyed to the fullest.

White Water Rafting on the River Boyle

Navigate weirs and gully’s whilst the river surges, the adrenaline inducing power of the fast flowing water will be enjoyed by all.

Based in convenient locations around Dublin, Donegal or Leitrim and with transport to and from the Start/End points this is a very accessible sport which also provides a really exciting journey downstream.

The greatest element about white water rafting is that river levels are at their best in the Winter/Autumn months – so when all other sports are finished up or unplayable, white water rafting is just getting fun!

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