Raft Building, How to Build a Raft, Raft Building in Ireland

Raft Building - The Ultimate Team Building Challenge!

Raft Building with Team Dynamics Kilkenny

Do you have what it takes to escape a deserted island and make your way back to civilization?

To come out victorious, your team will learn how to build a raft that must first survive the launch.

It must also be sturdy enough to take part in a number of challenges and of course it has to float with all the crew aboard.

Your raft building experience will begin with a brainstorming session on design where the team will decide on the best route for building a buoyant raft.

Using materials such as barrels, poles and ropes, each member must work closely together to ensure a solid construction.

The frame that creates the platform and holds the raft together is typically built using wooden poles that are bound together with lots of lashings.

Do you know how to build a raft that floats?
Ballyhass Lakes Raft Building in Ireland

Ensure the barrels are totally sealed before attaching them to your raft, construct a few paddles and now you’re ready for inspection.

Instructors are close by at all times and will give your raft the once over before hitting the water. Now the fun really begins as your team is put through a series of tasks.

Put you teams new found pioneering skills to the test with a raft building in Ireland experience!

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