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Power Kiting - Intense flying experiences!

Kiting Ireland

Experience raw power at your finger tips as you steer these giant kites using a control bar and flying lines.

Power Kiting also known as Traction Kiting involves harnessing the winds power to steer and maneuver these high performance kites creating considerable pull and lift to the user.

Powerkiting delivers the perfect introduction into the extreme world of kite sports.

Begin your kiting Ireland experience with 2 line kites where you will learn the key skills to launch, land, set up the gear, safety aspects and how to build traction.

Once you have mastered two lines, progess to 4 line kites which deliver serious power and enable you to perform spins, stalls, turns and much more.

Understanding wind power and how to maneuver these powerful wings will enable you to rapidly progress when kite buggying or kitesurfing.

Power Kiting

Experience the phenomeal force these kites can deliver first hand.

The rush and thrill from a power kiting experience will leave you yearning to take the next step and combine these outstanding kites with a board or buggy.

Manipulate the forces of nature with an exhilarating power trip!

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