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Powerboating - Open up the throttle for raw power!


Nothing can fully prepare you for the thrill therapy these boats deliver.

Speedboats are high powered streamline machines designed for rapid acceleration, high speeds and precision handling.

Learn to harness the power of a rib, speedboat or cruiser and let loose on open water for an electrifying experience.

The ISA is the national governing body for powerboating courses in Ireland. Certified instructors will teach you how to use these powerful machines to their full potential within a safe framework.

See what powerboats can really do with a high speed blast twisting and turning into the waves which will leave your eyes watering, hair streaming and heart pounding with excitement.

Whether you’re looking for a thrilling ride as a passenger or becoming a talented pilot, the speed and grace of these highly responsive machines will leave you in awe.

Powerboating Courses

Powerboat Ireland

Powerboat School

The introduction to powerboating course will teach you the basics in boat handling, coastal knowledge, equipment, navigation, weather, safety, rope work, anchoring and mooring.

On completion of the introductory course you can then progress to a national powerboat certificate, recreational powerboat certificate and onto an advanced power boating cert if your up to the challenge.

Be prepared for speedy bliss!

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