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Paramotoring – An unparalleled sense of freedom!


Appreciate the bounties of nature from a totally different perspective as you soar hundreds of feet above the ground and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

Paramotoring in Ireland combines the characteristics of paragliding with a motor engine which enables skilled pilots to take off without the need of a slope or even having to wait for the wind to blow.

The attached motor gives aviators more control and ensures they can travel long distances without being completely dependent on the wind.

Paramotors are used for both powered flights and by pilots who wish to climb to higher altitudes before switching off the engine and free-flying to the drop zone.

Paramotoring courses are split over a number of phases and require a lot of commitment from the student. First you must learn the basics of flying a paraglider before adding the complexity of a paramotor.

Throughout phase 1; you will learn the key principles as well as acquiring the essential skills to read the environment, set up the equipment and have a deep understanding of the potential risks.

Paramotoring Courses in Ireland

There are 8 phases in total which also include a written PPG (Powered Paragliders) examination which covers Airlaw, Airmanship and Meteorology.

On completion, you will be given your first rating and an exemption from the Irish Aviation Authority which will allow you to be fully trained, insured and legal to fly.

Have you got the drive to fly your own craft with a Paramotoring challenge?

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