Paintballing Ireland, Paintball Games, Skirmish

Paintballing Ireland - Heart pounding unadulterated fun!

Paintballing Ireland

Dodge exploding paint balls and gun down the enemy in a replicated skirmish on purpose built battle fields.

Similar to laser combat and airsoft in Ireland, Paintballing simulates military combat where teams are given mission objectives and try to eliminate the enemy whilst trying to achieve them.

Have you got the skills to lead your platoon to victory?

Your Paintballing Ireland experience will begin by getting kitted out with protective headgear, goggles and clothing before a thorough safety briefing.

You will then be supplied with a semi-automatic airpowered paintball gun that's capable of accurately hitting targets up to 50 feet away.

Pay attention to your platoons mission objectives before heading into combat against the enemy.

Paintball Games

Paintball games return terrific results as a team activity. In a fun and safe environment, naturally teach valuable principles such as delegation, communication, trust, motivation, strategy and competition.

Every member of the team counts and participation throughout the games is a must... It's shoot or be shot!

Defend your base, splatter your enemy and devise cunning strategies to ensure your team comes out on top.

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