Orienteering Ireland, Orienteering

Orienteering Ireland – An Exhilarating Outdoor Adventure!

Orienteering Ireland

Would you like to step off the beaten track and explore some of Ireland’s magical surroundings.

Armed with a compass and map you must make your way across rugged terrains to locate strategically placed markers throughout the course.

Orienteering in Ireland delivers an invigorating adventure for all ages and abilities. Complete the course at a leisurely pace or race against the clock with a competitive challenge.

Your day will begin with a briefing on wilderness navigation skills where experienced instructors will teach you how to read the compass in interaction with the map.

Now the fun begins as you venture into the countryside with your new found skills!

Remember there is no set path and it’s up to you to read the landscape and use your wits to find the fastest route. Sometimes what seems to be shortest may lead you into extreme and difficult to pass environments.

Orienteering In Ireland

One of the many benefits is that you can participate as an individual and it also delivers terrific results as a team building exercise.

The team’s must work together to decide on the best plan of action as well as compete against their rivals.

Do you have what it takes to navigate through nature and rise to an orienteering challenge?

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