Off Road Driving Ireland, Off Roading, 4x4 Off Road Driving

Off Road Driving Ireland - Experience 4x4 jeeps at their full potential!

Off Road Driving Ireland

Do you have the precision handling and solid nerves required to navigate these powerful vehicles through extreme terrains?

Off road driving in Ireland involves manoeuvring 4x4 jeeps through obstructions such as rivers, slippery surfaces, deep drops, steep ascents, cross-axle situations, muddy slopes and rocky terrains.

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Qualified instructors will be with you at all times and cater for beginners, advanced and expert levels. They will teach you how to read the ground and the best way to navigate through the various hurdles.

The technicalities such as braking and clutch control are totally different to driving a 4x4 on surfaced roads which delivers a completely unique driving experience.

Off Roading courses are designed to demonstrate the capabilities of off-road jeeps as well as educating drivers with the skills required to maneuver these mighty machines with confidence.

4x4 Off Roading Experience for 2

4x4 off road driving will deliver an exhilarating encounter with a powerful engine, robust suspension, higher ground clearance and additional grip.

One of the most popular driving experiences in Ireland; you no longer need to stop when the road does.

A cross country motoring challenge that's guaranteed to test even the most experienced of drivers!

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