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Mountaineering - Experience Ireland's iconic mountains!

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Do you have the drive to reach the summits of Ireland’s highest mountains?

Mountaineering in Ireland is a much more demanding form of hiking where you will trek at higher altitudes and experience a wide range of emotions.

Words simply cannot describe the freedom and highly rewarding sense of achievement after reaching your goal. From the mountains peak, savour the rare and spectacular views that will stay with you forever.

There are many mountaineering courses to choose from such as Mountain Skills, Mountain Leader and Single Pitch Award.

Throughout the course you will learn the different aspects involved such as rope work, map reading, navigation skills and understanding mountain weather.

Find your feet in the mountains, test your capabilities and learn the required skills to take on extreme landscapes.

Mountaineering Ireland
Winter Mountaineering

Please note that mountaineering can be a dangerous and strenuous activity so to avoid potential problems, always travel with a group including a qualified guide who has in-depth knowledge scrambling the mountain range.

For those who wish to progress, winter mountaineering in icy conditions delivers a demanding but fulfilling challenge using specialised equipment and advanced techniques.

Mountaineering can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities – the level of adventure is totally up to you!

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