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Mountain Biking Ireland - A challenging workout in idyllic landscapes!

The Adventure Islands

Take a power trip down a testing mountain bike trail throughout Ireland’s enchanting forrests, mountains and rolling hills.

Mountain biking involves riding specially designed off-road bikes over tough testing terrains.

Bikes are designed with durable frames, tyres and suspension capable of tackling extreme landscapes.

Enhance your stamina, endurance and overall fitness with a thrilling workout that you will certainly look forward to.

Ireland has some top class purpose built trails and demanding circuits which are customized with sweeping corners, steep hills and exciting jumps.

Whether you’re looking for adrenaline pumping mountain bike trails in Ireland or a family day out through picturesque countryside, you will find a mountain biking adventure to suit your desires.

Mountain Biking Beginners Course
Mountain Bike Trails Ireland

Mountain Biking Ireland

Adventurers can rent bikes from various companies and take on a circuit that best suits your fitness level. Beginners usually start off with a 5km trail and can progress up to a demanding 50km.

Ireland is home to pretty much every mountain biking environment you could wish for, through native forests, over mountain passes or isolated scenic coastlines.

Do you have the determination to take on an exhilarating mountain bike challenge?

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