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Mountain Boarding

Mountain Boarding

Mountain boarding also also known as All Terrain Boarding (ATB) has developed from a combination of downhill mountain biking, skate boarding and snowboarding into 1 extremely compelling sport.

Boards are bigger than skateboards and smaller than snowboards with 4 tricycle like wheels and foot bindings to keep you in place.

Cruise down almost any sloped terrain and progress to steeper more challenging slopes as your skills develop.

Balance is crucial and with no brakes, coming off the board in tough landscapes can be a lot more painful than coming off when snowboarding so ensure to wear your helmet and pads at all times.

Qualified ATB instructors will teach you the correct stance, safety aspects and basic board control.

Beginners will start off on a moderate slope and once you’ve got the technique down, your ready to try out the stunts and jumps that make this a truly fearsome extreme sport.

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Mountain Boarding Ireland

After a few lessons you will want to try out the power slides, toe and heal turns to name just a few.

Progress to steeper more challenging slopes, attempt freestyle manoeuvers or even create your own style?

Experience a gripping gravity fuelled adventure!

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