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Laser Combat - High tech combat games!

Laser Combat

Experience the thrill of a futuristic laser shoot out.

Laser games involve firing harmless infrared beams which are picked up by sophisticated detectors.

The realistic looking guns are capable of hitting targets up to 100 meters away with pin point accuracy.

If you fancy the idea of paintballing in Ireland without the paint, laser combat provides a heart thumping alternative using similar technology as the military forces with incredible sound effects.

Laser Combat is open to all ages and abilities with no running out of ammo or goggles steaming up.

Games are based on battlefield scenarios where tactics, teamwork and awareness are crucial to become victorious.

You and your team will daringly charge through extreme terrain, find ambush points and ruthlessly fire upon your enemies. This promises to be a great day out, no matter what the occasion is.

Laser Games
Laser Tag Ireland

There is a huge variety of laser tag missions in Ireland and with electronic scoring, your team must work closely together to achieve the mission objectives.

Take on a variety of physical and mental challenges with no bruising, danger or paint splattered clothes.

If action-packed combat is your thing…. Enjoy a full blown battle!

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