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Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting – 100% Safe!

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

If live ammo is not your thing, laser clay pigeon shooting delivers an attractive alternative to traditional clay shooting.

Using shotguns that fire harmless infrared beams, it’s your goal to take aim and accurately hit the specially designed targets.

The guns are actual shotguns which have being modified so they weigh and feel the same as the real thing.

With no minimum age or ability requirements, laser clay shooting provides the opportunity for anyone to experience what it’s like to shoot a moving target.

Firing at the same clay, up to 5 five people can enjoy playing the game simultaneously with scoring calculated electronically for each player.

With your finger on the trigger, clays are fired from the launcher and away you go.

When you hit the target , the beam is reflected back and registers a hit.

Clay Shooting Grounds

Laser Clay Shooting Ireland

Shotguns generate a ‘BANG’ when the trigger is pulled and you even hear the clay shattering when you hit the target.

The clay shooting grounds scoreboard tallies up the hits to reveal who has the sharp eye and speedy reflexes.

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