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Kitesurfing Ireland - An explosion onto the extreme sports scene!

Kite Surfing Ireland

Whether you’re ripping up the surf, cruising effortlessly along the beach or powering through the technical free style maneuvers, kitesurfing is an adrenaline seekers fantasy come to life.

Kitesurfing also known as kiteboarding is a combination of surfing, power kiting, wakeboarding and paragliding into one thrilling xtreme sport.

Please note that kitesurfing can be a potentially dangerous activity so lessons are a definite must before going solo.

Beginner Kitesurfing Courses are usually split over 3 sessions and follow the IKO (International Kitesurfing Organization) structure.

Here you will learn the basics of power kiting as well as launching, landing, turning, usage of the bar and safety aspects.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you may wish to progress to advanced sessions where you can take on controlled flying, board grabs, wake styling or free styling.

You can make it as extreme as you wish!

After achieving the IKO level 2 certification you’re free to hire equipment and kitesurf all over the world.


An ideal activity for those looking for something different, Kitesurfing provides tremendous sport all year round with the blustery Irish coastline rarly failing to produce the essential wind currents.

Enhance your body's synchronization, strength and focus with an electrifying cardio session.

Do you have the desire to take on this wild fusion of extreme sports?

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