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Kite Buggying - Harness the immense power of wind!

Irish Power Kite & Sandyacht Association

Situated about 3 inches from the ground, it’s your goal to take control and gain some serious speed!

Kite buggying involves powering purpose built 3 wheeled buggies using the wind and a power kite.

It’s up to the pilot to apply steering manoeuvres in co-ordination with the airborne kite to generate speed and perform tricks.

Before sitting into the bucket style seat, it’s essential you have a deep understanding of the wind and safety aspects.

You will then go on to master Power Kiting on foot before progressing to the drivers seat. The greater your knowledge, the more you can do when you sit into the hi-spec kite buggy.

Moderate force winds are ideal for those of you who would rather sit back and cruise the beach at a leisurely pace. Adrenaline junkies can expect to hit speeds up to 40mph in forceful winds.

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Kite Buggying Ireland

Buggies are light weight, manoeuvrable and ideal for free style fantastic’s looking for a new quest.

Highly skilled pilots in customized buggies are capable of hoisting them 10+ feet into the air and perform aerial tricks such as sidewinders, 360’s, pendulum swings and reverse landings.

Kite Buggy Ireland and master steering with your feet in one of the craziest extreme sports to hit our shores!

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