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Kayak Angling Ireland

Have you ever caught a Bass? How about landing one of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean by kayak?

The arrival of specially designed sit-on-top kayaks has resulted in an explosion in kayak fishing throughout Ireland.

There’s a lot more to kayak fishing than just dropping a lure overboard. Experienced guides will show you how to read the environment, understand the tides and weather conditions as well as letting you in on a few of their secret marks.

Modern fishing kayaks have everything you need at your fingertips and guides will teach you the many different methods for catching that fish of a lifetime.

Learn the art of fly fishing from a kayak, plug deep diving lures or dance a popper along the surface. You will be hooked after seeing the dorsal fin of a plumb bass slash at your lure and the thrilling sensation as your line tightens into a big fish.

After acquiring the necessary skills you are free to go whenever and wherever you wish!

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Kayak Fishing Ireland

Fishing by kayak delivers a totally unique experience and even if you don’t hook a bass on your first outing, you'll get to see Ireland’s magnificent coastline, stop off at an untouched cove for a picnic, encounter curious sea life and so much more!

As well as being home to some of the richest bass waters in Europe, Ireland has a huge population of pollack, mackerel and garfish to name just a few.

Blend in with nature and take on the ultimate kayak angling Ireland experience!

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