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Jet Skiing Ireland - Superb to handle, powerful and electrifying at high speeds!

Jet Skiing Ireland

Have you got the daredevil attitude to master the skills required to manoeuvre this fearsome water craft?

For those of you who would like to ride a powerful motorcycle, these aquatic vehicles are the water’s equivalent to a beefy scrambler.

Start in a sitting postion at low speeds and progress to standing as your confidence grows.

Whilst jet skiing in Ireland, always remember you are riding a potentially dangerous machine. Jet ski and Powerboat Courses are taught by instructors who are fully qualified and have the experience required to teach you the potential risks.

The throttle is opened using your fingers and with high spec jet skis accellerating from 0-50 in less than 3 seconds, you can be jetting across the ocean clocking speeds up to 70 mph.

A Jet Ski will give you an open playground to accelerate flat out and the opportunity to explore our magnificent coastline up close and personal.

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Jet Ski Ireland

Once you have the basics covered, they are relatively easy to pilot and completing a PWC jet ski course will also reduce your insurance as well as get you jetting accross the ocean with confidence.

This high octane experience which will amaze you with power, precision and outright pleasure.

Beware, not one for the faint heated!

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