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Hovercrafting - Hover over land & water at speeds up to 30mph!

Could you master handlebar-style steering and the manipulation of a huge rotary fan in these tricky to manoeuvre machines?

Hovercrafts are capable of travelling over almost any smooth surface and supported by a cushion of air being ejected from below the craft. An experience that's often described as trying to drive a car on ice.

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To pilot these machines, you must perch in a kneeling position and shift your body weight to help direct the hovercraft. The key skill is perfecting your weight distribution.

There are no brakes, gears or reverse so you need to think lively as you hover around the course and race against the clock.

Instructors will brief you on the controls and handling before setting out on your air-cushioned hovercrafting in Ireland driving experience.

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Hovercrafting in Ireland

Hovercraft racing will have you sliding and drifting over water, grass, sand or anything that gets in your way.

Experience the immense feeling of hovering first hand and test your judgement as you take control of this powerful craft.

If you are looking for ideas for something different to do on your stag do in Ireland or just a bit of fun, its the closest you'll get to a flying car and a truly unique driving challenge!

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