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Hiking - Experience Ireland's History, Culture and Breathtaking Landscapes!

Connemara Mountains Walking Tours

Take on hiking Ireland and relish in our scenic terrains, abundant wildlife, crisp air and world renowned hospitality!

Ireland is home to some of the most outstanding scenery Europe has to offer and caters for trekkers of all ages and abilities.

Lose yourself with a leisurely hike in magical surroundings or take on a challenging and highly rewarding trip of a lifetime.

There is a vast selection of walking tours to choose from and we have a quest to suit every desire.

Hike throughout Ireland’s unspoilt mountain ranges with the stunning backdrop of our rugged hills, pine forests and trickling streams.

The Irish coastline is a feast for the eyes with its long soaring cliffs, beaches, untouched coves and stunning sea stacks.

Walking in Ireland - The Cliffs of Slieve League in Donegal
Hiking Ireland with Will and Away

Walking in Ireland delivers an unrivalled insight into our unique culture and history where you will learn the myths and legends that make our island so special!

For those of you who wish to experience hiking at its most extreme, mountaineering in Ireland will deliver just that.

Enrich your life with a hiking adventure and experience Ireland’s enchanting landscapes first hand!

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