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Helicopter Flying Lessons, Experiences and Tours of Ireland!

Helicopter Flying Lessons

Have you ever dreamed of what it’s like to be inside a helicopter and experiencing the scenic beauty of aviation?

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a pilot or simply want to experience the thrill of a chopper flight, helicopter flying lessons in Ireland will deliver the perfect introduction.

The experience will also count as the first step towards achieving your pilots licence.

Your flying adventure will begin with a thorough safety briefing including a rundown of the basic controls and flying techniques.

Now it’s time to sit into the powerful chopper, get strapped up and put on your headphones.

Witnessing the capabilities of this agile craft from the cockpit is sure to get your heart thumping as the rotor blades spin faster and faster before the vertical take-off.

Throughout your helicopter gift experience, you’ll have the opportunity to take the controls and find out what’s it’s like to manoeuvre this astounding aircraft.

Helicopter Gift Experience

If actually flying the chopper is not for you, helicopter tours of Ireland are sure to create an enchanting aerial experience you will treasure forever.

Flying high over the rolling Irish countyside, sit back and take in the magnificent views with the pilot providing in-depth commentary through your ear piece.

A definite must-do on the bucket list!

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