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Gorge Walking Ireland – The Ultimate Scrambling Adventure!

Gorge Walking Ireland

Have you got the nerve to make your way through a narrow cleft carved into rock over millions of years?

Gorge walking also known as Canyoning involves following a stream on foot and negotiating the many obstacles that get in your way.

Experience a truly exhilarating adventure where you will find yourself scrambling, hiking, jumping, swimming and abseiling to overcome the different challenges.

Please note that Gorge Walking in Ireland can potentially be a dangerous activity so a guide who has in depth knowledge of the location and techniques is a definite must.

Your day will begin with a thorough safety briefing before getting kitted out in a wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid.

Now the adventure begins as your set off into nature’s playground!

As well as being in the heart of some spectacular Irish countryside, your exploration will have you plunging into deep pools, swimming underneath waterfalls and traversing rocky ledges.

Gorge Walking Experience For 2
Gorge Walking

If it’s a team building activity you’re looking for, gorge walking provides a tremendous sense of team accomplishment.

Team members must work closely together and motivate others to go againt their better judgement and overcome the many obstacles.

Take on the thrills and spills of an electrifying gorge walking experience!

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