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FootGolf Ireland - A unique and exciting challenge!


Experience the new and exciting sport sweeping the globe that is FootGolf also known as Soccer Golf or Football Golf.

FootGolf in Ireland is guaranteed to deliver a great day out combining two of the world’s most popular sports into one.

It is suitable for almost everyone including footballers, golfers, kids, mums, dads, grandparents, stags, hens and company days out.

Golf courses throughout Ireland have being modified with the appropriately sized set of holes which fit full size soccer balls.

Just like golf you play from the tee using a ball and try avoiding the many obstacles such as bunkers, trees and people!

The player who completes the entire course with the least amount kicks is the winner.

The only equipment required is a standard size football which is supplied at the foot golf courses and a pair of trainers.

Footgolf Ireland
Footgolf for 2 in Cork

No need to carry cumbersome Golf clubs and in most courses you also don’t have to worry about wearing golf attire either.

This is one of the most fun activities out there and it’s sure to get very popular indeed. There is even a European Foot golf tournament.

Experience Foot Golf Ireland for a unique round of 18 holes that will leave your yearning for more!

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