Falconry Wicklow | Falconry in Wexford

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We are delighted to offer our visitors the opportunity to engage in one of the most ancient field sports.

Falconry in Wicklow has a long social and historic background. By definition it is the art or sport of taking wild quarry in it's natural state or habitat using trained hawks or falcons.

We invite you to watch the fascinating sport of falconry come alive deep in the magestic Gardens of Ireland.

Our falconry experiences are only a short drive from Wexford situated in rolling countryside on the banks of the historic Goldmines River.

We are lucky to be home to a huge variety of birds of prey. Woodenbridge has a long tradition in the pursuit of country sports and pastimes so it is only fitting that falconry, one of the oldest of field sports now flourishes in this most beautiful countryside.

Apart from the active practice of falconry, we offer an important educational and photographic facility where our visitors can experience these magnificent birds up close.

You will also have the opportunity to handle a trained hawk and enjoy the thrill of seeing it flying free before returning to your gloved fist.

Come an experience this ancient art with enchanting falconry days out!

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