Falconry Experiences in Ireland

Falconry in Ireland

Ever wanted to get up close to birds of prey in scenic surrounds? This is a very ancient art and the best way to truly appreciate the magnificence of these powerful yet graceful kings of the sky.

Falconry is “the art or sport of taking wild quarry in its natural state or habitat using trained hawks or falcons”. The training over the centuries has altered little and the basic elements remain the same.

Wicklow the garden county is home to an enchanting falconry school with trickling rivers and green hills which is an ideal location for this old field sport.

Falconry in Ireland

You will appreciate the beauty of these creatures and revel in the excitement to see the birds like Harris hawk’s land on your hand. Of course you must wear a protective glove as the birds have mighty talons and strong beaks. Learn how to attract the birds to your hand and see how they swoop in so fast yet land with such accuracy and precision.

Historically this area of Wicklow has a long relationship with rural based pursuits so it’s great that this tradition continues today.

A Falconry Experience is an opportunity for some awesome photos and you can progress to other courses which will deal with housing, welfare and more training if you wish to continue this wonderful country pursuit.

Ideal for nature lovers, animal lovers and country sport enthusiasts!

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