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Falconry in Ireland – A Truly Breathtaking Experience!

Woodlands Falconry

Would you enjoy getting up close and personal with powerful birds of prey?

Learn the ancient art of falconry and discover the speed and grace of these magnificent creatures.

You will be in awe as you interact and work the birds using techniques that haven’t changed over centuries.

Your falconry experience will begin with a briefing from highly skilled falconers who will demonstrate how to handle the birds with care.

Now the fun begins as you slip on the falconer’s glove to protect you from their sharp beak and mighty talons.

Instructors will teach you how to lure the birds to your outstretched arm and elegantly land with pinpoint precision.

Ireland's School of Falconry
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For those of you who wish to progress, falconry courses deliver a detailed insight into safe handling, housing, bird’s welfare, training, feeding and flying free.

Relish a hands-on day out in the countryside with falconry in Ireland!

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