Extreme Experiences

Extreme Experiences

Ignite your adventurous spirit and explore our magnificent Island with Extreme Experiences that will create warm memories to be cherished forever.

We are delighted to present you with an exciting range of experiences days including flying lessons, adventure breaks and so much more!

Take on some truly unique experiences from tank driving, falconry, microlighting, coasteering or even sea stack climbing on Donegal’s jagged coastline.

Extreme experiences are often viewed in such a way that can make them inaccessible which is certainly not the case.

While these activities may seem intimidating at first, they are often enlightening, mindful and strangely tranquil experiences.

From absolute beginners to seasoned pros, you will be introduced to activities within a safe and structured framework enabling you to enjoy these life changing encounters.

Extreme Sports takes great pride in our reputation as the premier starting point for extreme adventures in Ireland. We only work with trusted adventure companies that have a reputation for providing the most intriguing activities and the highest level of professionalism.

If you still want something conventional, low-key or ordinary, that is also an option but let’s face it – we could all do with a little more adventure in our lives!

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