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Dinghy Sailing - A refreshing challenge!

Dinghy Sailing

Learn to sail in single-handed or two-person dinghies with one of Ireland’s fastest growing watersports.

Dinghy Sailing is the activity of powering a small boat using the wind, sails and moving your body from side to side to balance the vessel.

Could there be a more charming way to explore our coastline? Enjoy a gentle cruise or an adrenaline pumping high speed race.

Many love the training and tactics that are required for competitive racing whilst others simply enjoy the peace and tranquility that sailing dinghies provides.

There’s nothing quite like the sense of freedom when hanging from the side of a dinghy with the wind in your face and filling your lungs with revitalizing sea air.

Similar to windsurfing in Ireland, a deep understanding of wind power is essential to achieve top performance.

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Dinghy Sailing Ireland

Dinghy sailing creates a fantastic sense of well-being as well as enhancing your all round physical performance.

Dinghy Sailing Courses follow a structured syllabus which begin with an introductory land based course where you learn the basics on boat handling and safety. Once complete, start sailing and progress to advanced courses.

The principles of sailing are closely related and you might like to start racing high performance dinghies or transfer your skills to yachting?

Expect to get wet and have fun whilst learning a lifelong skill!

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