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Coasteering - Explore Ireland's Rocky Shores!

Coasteering with Irish C

Would you relish a truly unique quest on Ireland’s magnificent coastline?

Coasteering is a rapidly growing extreme activity that delivers an adrenaline packed mix of climbing, jumping, swimming and exploration.

If you’re looking for an invigorating adventure that’s physically and sometimes mentally demanding, look no further!

Please note that Coasteering in Ireland can potentially be a dangerous xtreme sport so a guide who has in-depth knowledge of the location, tides and weather conditions is a definite must.

Your day will begin with a thorough safety briefing before getting kitted out into a wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid.

Now the adventure begins as you descend the cliff top to the shoreline below. From here you must overcome a series of obstacles.

Irish C - Coasteering in Ireland

From rock hopping, scaling blowholes, exploring sea caves, getting up close and personal with curious wildlife, Coasteering is an activity you will want to do again and again!

For those of you feeling really courageous a cliff jumping session will complete your day with a leap of faith into the turmoil sea.

Experience the ultimate way to enjoy Ireland's coast!

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